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Fast. Powerful. Secure.

GrounderCoin aims to be an interplanetary cryptocurrency that will enable asset tokenization for transactions through out space, creating financial infrastructure for space commerce. GrounderCoin is setting its sights to be a world class leader in space commerce and trade.


Public sales begin 01/31/2020

CRCN can be purchased with a debit card or credit card for public sales. There is no contract address to send ETH to. Token sale ends 01/31/2022. Total supply available: 200,000,000

Private sales can be conducted with bank wires, BTC and ETH.

GrounderCoin Tokens (small qty)


Order up to 25,000 GrounderCoin tokens for as little as $0.03 per token.

Instant purchases available on public sale launch date..

GrounderCoin Tokens (bulk)


Order 100,000 up to 5,000,000 GrounderCoin tokens for as little as $0.01 per token.

Token Reservation


Early access token reservation on the GrounderCoin blockchain network. Reserve premium namespace and digital real estate, set token criteria and parameters, and receive a discount on bulk GrounderCoin tokens.



The GrounderCoin Network will power space commerce of the future.

Hybrid Architecture



Fast transactions. Receive and send your currency fast.



Physically extending the network into LEO and beyond as the needs arise will create the world's first interplanetary blockchain cryptocurrency. GrounderCoin will serve the space industry in trade and commerce.


Tokenization and smart contracts will enable complex transactions and the creation of unique marketplaces, exchanges, and crowd sales.



Decentralized nodes and mining uphold the truly sacred value of decentralization and empower anyone to host a node or mine.


Low Fees

Low fees to send your money.



GrounderCoin is poised to dominate with speed, security, and a powerful hybrid backbone.

GrounderCoin Roadmap

Paving The Way

Coin Sales

Anyone can buy GrounderCoin tokens on decentralized exchanges and through private transactions.

Soft Launch

Official blockchain and mainnet launch.  Anyone can host a node and mine GrounderCoin. Assets can be uniquely tokenized and transferred. Migration from Ethereum blockchain to GrounderCoin blockchain: Holders of the GrounderCoin ERC20 token can exchange for the GrounderCoin cryptocurrency at a 1:1 ratio.

Hard Launch

Physical infrastructure and hardware launch. Literal launch. Support node infrastructure is taken from prototype stages to launch stages - GrounderCoin blockchain now has grid failure resistant backbone and real estate to expand on in LEO. GrounderCoin becomes the world's first interplanetary cryptocurrency.

Fine Tuning

GrounderCoin applications, services, and other IoT developed. Convienence, accessibility, and practical implementation. Refined tokenomics. Better fintech apps.